Blogmas Day 4: My Bralette Obsession

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Alright ladies and gents, it's one of those nights! I'm talking about the kind of night where I had to work, have a ton of homework to finish and all I want to do is SLEEP. But I had to get my 4th day of Blogmas post up!! I have been loving this nightly posting so much! Sooo here it is. Tonight I want to quickly talk a little bit about my *delicates* and by that I mean bralettes, because as the title states, I am obsessed.

So one problem with being on the super petite side of the spectrum and having a flat upper half (ya picking up what I'm putting down?) is that a lot of shirts fit far too loosely on top. I love that bralettes allow me to wear those baggier shirts with style and class. (PLUS no wires in them like stupid bras!!!!!!)

Here' a few of my favorite styles and brands...

Victora Secret Front Close Bralette $20

This bralette is defiantly my favorite style from my collection. First of all, it opens in the front so it's super easy to put on and take off. It's also super comfortable! The material is incredibly soft, I barely notice I'm wearing it. Oh, and it has a little bit of padding, unlike the majority of other bralettes I've tried. I have three colors and love them all!

Victora Secret Crochet Lace Triangle Bralette $20

I love the style of this bralette specifically because of the strappy detail on the front! I love the way it looks paired with a v neck tee or low cut sweater. The other day I wore it with a cozy v neck tee and a burgundy lace choker, it looked super cute and slightly edgy with all the details. I can't wait to try the combo again.

Xhilaration Women's Lace Bralette $12.99

This more affordable option is the style that really got me hooked on bralettes this season! It has a gorgeous floral lace design and comes in several beautiful colors. It's very comfortable to wear and looks great worn so many ways! What I love most about this style is that it has an adjuster in the back to give you the right fit.

What do you think of the bralette trend this season? XX,