Finally I'm back!! I should've known when I committed to a post a day, something would happen to ruin my streak. Day one with no post occurred because I honestly just could NOT look at my computer screen any longer. I had a major migraine and needed to sleep. Day two without a post was simply because Wordpress was not working on my computer!! I have no idea why, but everything's up and running now, and I feel 10X better (I even put on a full face of makeup today!). So on with blogmas we go!!

Today I want to talk a little about this adorable, limited edition holiday palette from Lorac. I would consider Lorac to be among my favorite high end brands! Their eye shadow palettes are beautiful and I also love their blushes. So I was beyond excited when I saw this palette released. I snatched it up when Ulta had it 50% off a few weeks ago! The Lorac blushes and highlighters are some of the most gorgeous face products I've tried. They're pretty dense, with hardly any fallout and are packed with pigment! That being said, especially with the darker shades, a light hand is essential. This little palette comes with four gorgeous shades for a fraction of the price! For just $30 you will receive three blush shades, one highlighter and an adorable rose gold brush. I will admit that the shades in this palette are not completely ideal for my skin tone, but for someone slightly darker than me this palette could be perfect!

But, I still love this product! My favorite blush in it is the lightest shade of the bunch, Tinge. It's pretty light in color, but packed with pigment! It gives the illusion of a perfect natural flush. Vivd is straight up bubblegum pink, which honestly doesn't suit me all that well. But, teachnicolor is the most beautiful peachy coral. With a super light hand this shade looks gorgeous on pale skin! Unfortunately the highlighter in this palette is also a little dark for my skin tone. But, it looks beautiful paired with a very bronzy look or used as an eye shadow! As far as the packaging is concerned, I love it!! I'm a sucker for any gold packaging and this scalloped design is no exception.

Be sure to snag this little palette while you still can! It's limited edition with Lorac's holiday collection!

What do you think of Lorac's holiday line?