And there you go, makin' me fall in love again

Theres a certain belief in the world, that the younger you are the less you know about love. I don't think that's true. I think in order to understand what it means to love and to be loved, you just have to find the person who makes the word true. I found that person my sophomore year of high school. He was my best friend's date to homecoming.

If I were to tell you our whole story it would A.) be super super sappy and embarrassing and B.)  it would be very long because I can talk about my guy for hourssss. But in the spirit of Valentines Day I wanted to share a few short stories about our relationship, things he has done selflessly for me that made me fall in love all over again. (So yes, I'm basically bragging about my boyfriend and how he's a GREAT boyfriend and person in general, and I hope every girl find a guy like him. Key word: LIKE)

"My Super Princess"

When Mark and I had first started dating we spent a lotttt of time texting and playing Words with Friends (yes you read that right). One night when we were up way past our bedtimes on our phones (my apologies to our parents!!) I jokingly called myself a princess. His response was that I was not just a normal princess, but a "super princess." For some reason that moment just made me the happiest girl in the world, and the silly nickname stuck. It serves as the purpose behind the tiara shape necklace and ring he bought me for birthdays and Christmas! Just one of those simple things that makes life so much better.

That one time I forgot my lunch

I remember this day SO clearly for absolutely no reason at all other than Mark swooped in as my knight in shining armor, per the usual. This particular day was a bad day. I woke up late, had a meeting before school, forgot my lunch and forgot lunch money. I was mostly stressed because I didn't know how I was going to eat for the day and you know me, I loveee food. When Mark showed up at school he had a bag full of all the gluten free items he could find. Tortilla chips with Taco Bell Hot sauce and fruit snacks were among the goodies. I don't know if he realized it then or now, but that moment meant so much to me and still serves as one of the major reasons I fell so hard for him.


5 weeks apart

Last summer we spent a little more time apart than either of us would have preferred (okay a lot more). At the beginning of the summer Mark's family went on a two week trip to Mexico and immediately following his return (1 day after) my family travelled out west for a three week road trip. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to missing him so much. So what does my amazing boyfriend do? He writes me a note for every day we are apart in a little notepad. The first day's note reads "Dear Shannon, 1st of all, DO NOT flip ahead!!! Each day that I'm gone, I wrote you a note. So, only flip when it's that day. Thank you, I love you :)"

As you can imagine, there are so many more stories. Some are personal, some are super simple. Like dancing with me in the car for hours to Katy Perry or taking a whole week out of his summer to lead a group of children at VBS with me.  There's the time  he carried the train of my dress at prom without prompting from our moms or how he was there for me when my dog died. I'm so blessed to call Mark mine this valentines day and every day. I hope these short stories about us made you laugh or smile!