January Sephora Play: Should I end my Subscription?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to my sports-watching friends out there!! Truth be told, I'm not watching much of the game tonight. Other than the halftime show that is! Gaga KILLED it! But other than that my plan for tonight is to buckle down to study and work in my bed! Bring on the tea and super bowl apps. Anywayyyy, today I want to share what came in my January Sephora Play box. Spoiler: I wasn't all that impressed. So, I need your advice should I continue with my Sephora Play subscription? Let me know in the comments!

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First things first, I did want to mention that I really liked the little bag this month's products came in! The concept behind it is so cute and very practical. So, the front it pretty typical to the bags they send, it has a cute little quote that reads " Sweat is just another way to glow." But, the back is the cool part! It's a sort of mesh material with little holes in it, similar to a beach bag. PERFECT for storing your lip gloss and sunscreen when heading to the pool or beach.

The first thing I pulled out of the bag was the Tarte FRXXXTION Stick. My first thought after opening: "Wtf is this...."It's a tube like packaging, similar to a foundation stick, but the product is dirt black. After reading about it a little more I realized that this is actually an exfoliating cleanser. The concept behind this product is actually pretty cool. When on the go this stick makes it easy to wash up. Swipe on your dampened face, lather up and rinse. I like the concept a lot for things like travel or going to the gym (not that I do lol). Plus, it's nice to not have to worry about your cleanser spilling all over your bag!

This is the product I was probably most excited about from January's box! This little cream is Youth to the People's Kale + Spinach + Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream. (A mouthful right? ) This cream claims to be ultra moisturizing and 100% vegan for "health conscious" beauty lovers. I'm excited to try this product out and possibly add a new addition to my skin care routine! Especially since I'm in need of some new moisturizers for my INSANELY dry skin.

Okay so there's a few reasons I hate foundation/BB/CC cream samples. First, my skin is SO light and I know neither of the shades provided will work for me and second, I feel like a sample never does justice to the actual product with this type of formula! Needless to say I was a little disappointed to receive this. But, I will try it out to see how it works. I've been pretty intrigued with cushion foundations lately and have had my eye on the Amore Pacific one.

Again, hair care products are kind of a bummer for me in sample size! I just feel like I can't decide how much I like a product for my hair when I can only get 1-2 uses. This is a Treatmeant Masque by OUAI, it's supposed to restore damaged hair and leave it feeling "smooth and touchably soft." It definitely sounds like something I would love, so maybe this sample will be a good intro to a new hair care product!

Next up is the Clinique Almost Lipstick in the shade Black Honey. This was the product that put the biggest damper on this box overall. First of all, it came broken. I was very disappointed to find the lipstick had broken and stuck to the lid. This makes it kind of difficult to use in general, but even if it came in mint condition I still don't think I would have loved this product. It's a very sheer formula, almost like a tinted lip balm, which is nice. But, I'm just not a fan of this color. If it was a lighter pink or red I probably would've really liked it, but the wash of deep red just doesn't work for me.

As for the perfume sample of the month, I was SO impressed! This is actually the first perfume sample I have gotten and truly like. This perfume is called Eau So Lovely and lovely it is! It's said to be inspired by the most "romantic couple Tory Burch knows" and it definitely smells like it! (If that even makes sense??) It's such a light, feminine scent. But, it still packs the punch and lasts forever on the skin! I may have to pick up a full size when this sample runs low!

So there you have it. I'm kind of torn! I've gotten a ton of great products from Sephora Play that I LOVE, like the Laura Mercier Caviar stick from a few months back and the Bobbi Brown Mascara from last month. But, this month kind of had me down! Hopefully February's box is a little better, otherwise I may have to try another subscription service.

What were your thoughts on January's box?



Amorepacific 'Color Control' Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum Spf 50 - 102 Light Pink • Amore Pacific • $60 Youth To The People Kale + Spinach Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream • $48 Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Eau De Parfum Spray • Tory Burch • $115 OUAI Treatment Masque Deep Conditioner • Ouai • $32 Clinique Almost Lipstick - Black Honey • Clinique • $17 tarte FRXXXTION Stick Exfoliating Cleanser • Tarte • $22

January Favorites 2017

January 2017 is down in the books and I'm STILL writing 2016 when I cash my checks at the bank. (Anybody else do this well into every new year!?) January was such a great month, but it flew by so so fast. I've been keeping pretty busy over the last few weeks. Semester 2 of my first year of college is full swing and I am swamped with homework. As I type this I'm simultaneously studying for my three tests next week (or at least trying...). I've also been so lucky to spend quite a bit of time with friends and family lately. I even went on a little ice skating date with Mark a couple weeks ago! January was also a great month for beauty! These new releases are giving my wallet so much anxiety. So, expect some haul posts soon! In the mean time here are a few of my go to products from month one of 2017!

Glossier Priming Moisturzier $25

Okay so I justttt talked about this baby in my new skin care post over here! And I have become so obsessed with this product since I got it for Christmas. Winter has completely destroyed my skin, I have dry patches constantly and this primer gives such a nice extra layer of hydration. Does it make my makeup last longer? That's the thing everybody asks, and the truth is no. But, it does give a beautiful, hydrated, smooth base for your makeup to lie on top of and these days that's my goal with any primer!

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Pink Frosting $14

Ughhhh this lipstick. Sephora released a ton of new (and all beautiful) shades to their liquid lipstick range and I am so obsessed with this color. It's made me an official cool tones fan! If you dont already know, the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stains are among the best liquid lipsticks on the market today and in terms of price, sit well under most other high end lip products at $14 a pop. Per the name,  they has a much thicker and moussier consistency than the typical liquid lip. They wear great (5+ hours) and don't dry out my lips unlike much of their competition (Anastsia, Stila, etc.). I can't wait to get my hands on some other new colors!!

Anybody like how my nails are like a dead dupe for the lipcolor?? KL Polish in Zoey!!

Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop $38

I know, I know, it's crazy that I'm just now getting on the champagne pop train!! I'm proud to say I finally added this iconic highlight to my stash over Christmas and I am really impressed. Seriously, all the rave is true! This shade is just the most neutral gold highlight I have ever used in my life. I feel like it can work for such a large variety of skin tones from fair to deep.  When I want my highlight to shine to the heavens, I reach for this. (And a tip for my fairrrr skin gals!! If you feel like this pulls slightly dark on you, mix a little of Becca's Opal in. It looks gorgeous!)

X-Formula Delete All 5 Finger Nail Polish Remover

So, I recently found out that Formula X is being discontinued and that breaks my heart because this product is SO good! Over the last month I've used this several times and it never ceases to amaze me. I pop all five of my fingers into the sponge and the polish on my nails is gone within a few seconds. Magic. Unfortunately, it's out of stock online, but I still wanted to post a little something about it in case you can find it somewhere in stores!!  I you happen to see this on sale in Sephora, I highly recommend grabbing one while you still can!

What were your favs from January!?



New to my Skin Care Collection

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to receive quite a few skin care products from family and friends as gifts! So today I wanted to give a little run down on exactly what they are and how I like them so far. Let's get going!! (Ps. I am SUPER proud of how these photos turned out! How do you guys like the marble background!??)

Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask $26

I was really excited to receive this from my parents because my skin has been so DRY this winter! This overnight mask is a moisture intensive product, for dry skin types, with the purpose of adding a load of moisture to your skin. It contains apricot and avocado oils, along with japanese sea weed! I've only used this mask once so far, but on first impression, I liked it a lot. It smells fresh and leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed in the morning. Plus, it's a pretty great value! A little goes a long way with this mask, and the package is pretty good sized, so it should last a long time.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer $25

If you have dry skin or seasonal dry patches, drop by Glossier's website NOW and order yourself this primer! I mean it. Over the last few weeks this primer has landed a solid spot in my daily makeup/skincare routine. After cleansing my skin (with my Glossier milk jelly cleanser) I pop on some of my holy grail First Aid Beauty cream, and finish by coating my entire face with this baby. I gotta be honest, I don't notice too much of a difference in the longevity of my makeup with this primer. But, for my purposes, with the way my skin has been, I don't care much. Mac Fix + holds my makeup in place on it's own and this lovely gem keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated for hours!

Ultra Repair Cream with Vanilla $30

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, and have mentioned about 50 billion times throughout the last year, the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is my HOLY GRAIL heavy duty moisturizer! So obviously, when I saw the cute little holiday set this cream came in, I knew I had to have it! The set came with two, 2 oz containers of the magic cream I love so dear. This one is same formula as the classic, scentless cream, but with a soft vanilla scent. It's perfect for the dry spots on my legs and arms and keeps me smelling sweet all day!

Foreo Luna Mini $139

This gift was one I was most excited for this year. I've been wanting to invest in an electronic cleanser for a while now. The Foreo really intrigued me because of it's silicon based bristles, which make it more sanitary and easy to clean. So far I've been really impressed with it! I feel like it gives me a much deeper clean, especially in the areas I typically have lots of blackheads. I chose to go for the mini version for a couple reasons, A.) it's cheaper and B.) I felt like the smaller version would allow me to navigate my face a littttle better. Needless to say, I'm quite satisfied with my choice! Let me know in the comments if you guys would like to see a full skin care routine post featuring this!

Honeyskin Ultimate Face and Body Cream $23.37

I got this giant cream from my great uncle on Christmas eve, he always finds the most unique and personalized gifts! I'd never heard of this brand before, but it really seems like something special. All of Honeyskin's products are natural, gluten free, paraban free and animal "friendly". This specific cream claims to be the ultimate cream for dryness, even as severe as eczema, rosacea or psoriasis. I've only gotten the chance to use this a few times, but so far I'm impressed! The formula is a thicker consistency than many moisturizers, you can really feel it absorbing into the skin. It also has a soft, natural scent, mostly of honey!



2016 Beauty Favorites: Eyes

And now presenting part 2/3 of the 2016 best of beauty!! Tonight we're talking eye products galore, everything from primer to palettes to liner.

Choosing my favorite palettes of the year was extremely difficult because so many gorgeous palettes joined my collection over the last 12 months. Besides the two I'm about to discuss I wanted to quickly note the Kathleen Lights X Morphe palette because it came back in stock a few days ago! Hurry on over to the website and grab it up while you still can. At $15 this palette is a STEAL! You can check out my review in my November favorites here.

And as for my two palettes picks of the year, of course I had to choose the Tartelette in Bloom palette by Tarte. As a brand Tarte really knocked it out of the park in 2016. This very palette, along with their shape tape concealer have popped up in SO many favorite posts I've read so far! There are so many great things about the Tartelette in Bloom, its beautiful array of warm neutrals allows for so many looks from a warm smokey eye to a natural, one tone day to day all over the lid look. If I'm being super picky I will note that there is some inconsistency in the shimmer shades. White the darker shimmers, Rocker and Firecracker pack the pigment, the lighter of the three, Funny girl is lacking. But, the mattes make up for the one bad shimmer! Their dense formula allows for blendable but intense pigmentation for a variety of looks.

Of course, I had to mention the Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette as well. I know, I know!! It's limited edition, shame on me! But, if you can get your hands on this star of the show, I highly recommend it. The pans in this palette are packed with the same beautiful, super creamy formula as the Lorac Pro Palettes. The shimmer shades in this palette have become my ultimate go tos. The only downside (besides the limited edition thing...) is that it is SO huge, making it difficult to travel with and sometimes even use on your vanity!

I have come to the realization that I am a high end mascara girl. My wallet really hates to admit it, but the Benefit Roller lash is where it's at! With it's curved wand it not only adds intense curl but also dramatic length. I also love how this mascara doesn't clump at the ends of my lashes. That is my biggest pet peeve everrrrr. The Roller lash easily gives a flawless yet natural looking lash!

This primer only recently made its way into my collection. (Seriously, this may be considered cheating!! It's been like 3 weeks!) But,  in my defense I have been a long time lover of the original primer potion formula. The one thing it lacked for me was coverage and honestly, concealing my lids wasn't doing my eye shadow any favors. Urban Decay's primer potion in Eden gives me the perfect amount of coverage on my dark and veiny eye lids, all while making my shadow LAST!

I never collected too many single shadows until this last year. But, I'm so excited to begin growing my collection in my z-palette! First and foremost, I discovered the Colourpop shadows over the summer and I'm OBSESSED. Their cream to powder finish packs so much pigment onto the lid. When I'm looking for a shiny shadow that lasts I reach for these little guys. My favorite shades are LaLa and Weenie. I also finally picked up a few of the Anastasia singles this year and was highly impressed. Specifically with the shade Fudge. This is the perfect red-brown!!! I love blending this into the outer corner of the crease for a warm smokey eye or running it along the bottom lash line. I may need to grab a back up of this single soon!

Guys, I discovered a liquid liner I may like just as much if not more than the Stila Stay All Day. (*Insert shocked emoji here*) Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner blew me away when I discovered it in a Sephora Favorites set early this year. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the brush tip, but I have found it to be much easier to work with and doesn't dry out nearly as quickly as the felt tip of my beloved Stila liner. The shade Mad Max Brown has worked gorgeously with my typical warm look, but I'm hoping to get my hands on the black soon! Speaking of Stila, I fell head over heels for their Smudge Stick waterproof liners. I love popping them in my waterline to add a little extra color to a look. Plus, they last ALL DAY! Which I can't say about any other liner.

Have a happy Monday!