Blogmas Day 2: Top 12 Days of Christmas Sales

12-days-of-christmas As I was browsing through my emails the other night I found a similar trend between several of my favorite stores, 12 days of Christmas Deals! I wanted to share them with you tonight because the sales are so good and by that I mean most of them are at least 50% off!! Get your wallets and grab your girlfriend's their gifts (and maybe yourself too!).

Makeup Geek

This online makeup brand, owned by popular Youtuber Marlena, is known for a variety of high quality, already reasonably priced products. But just two days into their 12 days of Christmas sale they have featured a bundle of four eye shadows nd also an "essential" brush bundle, both at 50% off! Along with their daily deals they also have quite a few single eye shadows, pigments, blushes and contours on sale for up to 40% off!

Too Faced

When I saw Too Faced was having this sale I had to hide my credit card. They currently offer a promo code to get their luxurious Sweethearts Blushes on sale for 50%, with free shipping on any order! Only $15!! I can't wait to see what they release on next. Also, they announced tonight that the Peach collection will launch on the 14th!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Oh and one more thing, they're also hosting giveaways every day, so be sure to follow them of Insta.

Bauble Bar

I gotta be honest, this is the sale that has me MOST excited. I truly think Bauble Bar has the BEST deals for the holidays and their products are so high quality! Head over to their holiday section to see their 12 days of Buried Baubles. So far they've released a gorgeous earring set for $12!!!!,  a stone necklace for $15 and earring jackets for $10. They're also offering 25% off the rest of your purchase, so stock up on your baubles now!

Kylie Cosmetics

On the first day of Christmas dear Kylie released a Lipstick Vault and on the 2nd day she's adding a cute gift bag to every lip kit purchased! If you're looking to gift one of her iconic kits to a friend this Christmas, grab one while you can to get a cute gift bag too! I've been truly impressed with the way Kylie has been growing her brand, the new marketing techniques and sales have really been grabbing my attention. Plus her lipsticks are actually very good!

Erin Coden

For my fellow planner geeks out there, the planner of all planners is having a major sale for the first 12 day of the month! With a different promo code a day you can easily pick up your 2017 planning essentials for a much cheaper price tag. Today she has a deal 25% off interchangeable covers!

I'll be updating on my Twitter and Instagram frequently with other holiday deals! Follow me!!!

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I hope I didn't cause too much damage to your bank account!!