New to my Skin Care Collection

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to receive quite a few skin care products from family and friends as gifts! So today I wanted to give a little run down on exactly what they are and how I like them so far. Let's get going!! (Ps. I am SUPER proud of how these photos turned out! How do you guys like the marble background!??)

Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask $26

I was really excited to receive this from my parents because my skin has been so DRY this winter! This overnight mask is a moisture intensive product, for dry skin types, with the purpose of adding a load of moisture to your skin. It contains apricot and avocado oils, along with japanese sea weed! I've only used this mask once so far, but on first impression, I liked it a lot. It smells fresh and leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed in the morning. Plus, it's a pretty great value! A little goes a long way with this mask, and the package is pretty good sized, so it should last a long time.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer $25

If you have dry skin or seasonal dry patches, drop by Glossier's website NOW and order yourself this primer! I mean it. Over the last few weeks this primer has landed a solid spot in my daily makeup/skincare routine. After cleansing my skin (with my Glossier milk jelly cleanser) I pop on some of my holy grail First Aid Beauty cream, and finish by coating my entire face with this baby. I gotta be honest, I don't notice too much of a difference in the longevity of my makeup with this primer. But, for my purposes, with the way my skin has been, I don't care much. Mac Fix + holds my makeup in place on it's own and this lovely gem keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated for hours!

Ultra Repair Cream with Vanilla $30

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, and have mentioned about 50 billion times throughout the last year, the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is my HOLY GRAIL heavy duty moisturizer! So obviously, when I saw the cute little holiday set this cream came in, I knew I had to have it! The set came with two, 2 oz containers of the magic cream I love so dear. This one is same formula as the classic, scentless cream, but with a soft vanilla scent. It's perfect for the dry spots on my legs and arms and keeps me smelling sweet all day!

Foreo Luna Mini $139

This gift was one I was most excited for this year. I've been wanting to invest in an electronic cleanser for a while now. The Foreo really intrigued me because of it's silicon based bristles, which make it more sanitary and easy to clean. So far I've been really impressed with it! I feel like it gives me a much deeper clean, especially in the areas I typically have lots of blackheads. I chose to go for the mini version for a couple reasons, A.) it's cheaper and B.) I felt like the smaller version would allow me to navigate my face a littttle better. Needless to say, I'm quite satisfied with my choice! Let me know in the comments if you guys would like to see a full skin care routine post featuring this!

Honeyskin Ultimate Face and Body Cream $23.37

I got this giant cream from my great uncle on Christmas eve, he always finds the most unique and personalized gifts! I'd never heard of this brand before, but it really seems like something special. All of Honeyskin's products are natural, gluten free, paraban free and animal "friendly". This specific cream claims to be the ultimate cream for dryness, even as severe as eczema, rosacea or psoriasis. I've only gotten the chance to use this a few times, but so far I'm impressed! The formula is a thicker consistency than many moisturizers, you can really feel it absorbing into the skin. It also has a soft, natural scent, mostly of honey!



Glossier Brand Review

DSC_0657 copyHello Lovelies! Today I want to talk a little about the beauty brand that has completely stolen my heart, and saved my skin over the last few months: Glossier. I first heard about this incredible brand through one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Kelsey from Beauty by Kelsey. If you follow her you know how much she loves Glossier and now she's got me loving it too! (If you don't check her out!!)

Glossier intrigued me from the start for a lot of reasons, the quote above (found inside the box used to send me my goodies) represents it all. By reading a little bit about the brand on their site I quickly realized that Glossier was truly unlike any other beauty brand I had used before.

First of all, they focus a lot on your skin's health. As the box reads "Skin First. Makeup Second." Also they make a point of showing that they aren't all about caking makeup on, in fact the models on the website wear nearly bare faces promoting healthy and beautiful skin. In their About section Glossier says that "makeup is a choice," which I think is super cool for a beauty brand to say.

So in support of their awesome motto I ordered two skin care items: their Milk Jelly Cleanser and their salve in coconut. As far as the prices go I was pretty impressed, compared to many other skin care brands their prices are pretty reasonable. I paid $18 for the cleanser and $12 for the salve.

My package arrived in a very timely fashion in an adorable pink box. My items were enclosed in a pink bubble wrap reusable bag. I also received a free sample of their priming moisturizer and a page of adorable stickers. CUTE right!? The time taken to add those simple details like the stickers, sample and reusable packing bag really stuck out to me and I'm sure do for their other customers as well.

glossiermilkjellyOnto the actual product reviews, I will try to hold myself back...but the truth is..this cleanser is by far the BEST cleanser I have ever used in my life. I have super sensitive, acne prone combination skin that never seems to mix well with any sort of face wash. But since I began using this my face has become smoother and my break outs are rare. For the first time in my life I have been getting complimented on my skin! And I credit it all to this little cleanser!

I mean it when I say I've never used anything like this. As far as the packaging goes I'm in love. Whoever the genius was who decided to put their product in a pump I salute you, and the whoever designed this pump? You GO Glen Coco! Not only is the pump great, with one twist it locks making it easy for travel (cause nobody likes wasting a whole bottle of cleanser in their suitcase).

Another thing I find to be super cool about this product is the fact that it removes makeup and can be used wet or dry. I prefer applying it to damp skin, but having the dry option is great too! I find that one pump is enough to cleanse my face, but if I'm feeling extra grimy a second pump adds the perfect amount of extra product. The consistency of the formula is a bit thick and milky (as says the name) and it smell reminds me of coffee creamers but with a slight hint of rose.

This balm is the bomb, so says the name! I have to admit if I picked a favorite between my two purchases I would choose the cleanser, but this lip balm is still 10 stars for me. Adding to Glossier's multi-purpose theme this balm is said to be a "universal skin salve." Although I have yet to try it anywhere else I could see it being very moisturizing on dry elbows! (I just wouldn't want to waste it!)

I mean it when I say I always have dry lips, and it doesn't help that I love liquid lipstick. But luckily this stuff has come to my rescue. Unlike many other balms I have tried, this one lasts. I mean it doesn't last all day like a lipstick may, but I can feel it on my lips for a couple hours after applying. Plus it leaves a nice shine on the lips, so on my casual day it replaces my lip gloss.

The packaging is close to perfect in my eyes. For a few years now I have loved my Nivea lip butter, but the one thing I couldn't stand was it's packaging. I hate having to dig my finger into the product to apply it, plus sometimes the lid comes undone since it just pops off, also sometimes it's difficult to get the lid off and then my finger accidentally gets jammed into the product!!! So yeah, I'm super excited to have a balm of similar consistancy that's in a twist cap squeeze tube! My only complaint would be that in the first week of owning it the product was very difficult to squeeze out. I'm not sure if that was due to excess air or what? Overall this lip balm has stolen my heart! I love it's slight coconut scent and can't wait to order more!!

PS. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! TWO days left to enter! For more details check out my last post!

Have you tried Glossier? What are your thoughts? What should I buy next?



Milk Jelly Cleanser $18 $12

Check out some more products on their website: Glossier