Lip Beauty Favorites 2016

Part 3/3 here we go! I know it might seem a little crazy, but I had to dedicate a whole post to my lip favorites because there are SO many! So I'm going to get into it quick!!

First things first! I feel like 2016 was truly the year of Colourpop. They just keep expanding their ranges and improving their formulas, I can not get enough! By farrrrr my favorite product I have tried from the brand is their lippie stix. These lipsticks come in the most unique shape, unlike any lipstick or crayon I have tried. The unique shape makes application a breeze, plus the formula is AMAZING. I have recommended this product to so many friends and everyone has loved them. Even the matte formula feels moisturizing on the lips and the pigment lasts ALL DAY LONG. Not kidding! My favorite shade of the moment are Kathleen Light's Lumiere. It's the most gorgeous purple-mauve tone that is actually a dupe for my favorite lipstick of the year (which I'll get to at the end!).

I discovered the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks just a couple months ago when I picked up their holiday set. It included six beautiful shades in mini form and I cannot get enough! This set included lipsticks from the satin formula (they have matte too!), but once they begin to wear off they appear more sheer. Which I actually really like, because even though they aren't super long lasting, they wear off in a beautiful manner. Plus, these are by far the most nourishing lipsticks I have ever used! If my lips are cracking this is the lipstick I reach for. I loveeee the bright lilac shade, Tabloid and also the deep reddish brown, Fig.

The Revlon Ultra HD lipcolors were among the first liquid lipsticks I really fell in love with. For the first half of 2016 these were my go to lip products for any occasion! I've found that my problem with a lot of liquid lip formulas is that they are too thin and too drying. The formula of the Ultra HD, on the other hand, is more of a thin mousse that flawlessly locks in moisture and color all day. At under $10 a pop I'm just going to go ahead and say that these are among my favorite lipsticks of all time! I especially love the shades Love (perfect red) and Devotion (pinky mauve).

Andddd for my favorite high end liquid lip of the year! Smashbox KNOCKED it out of the park with their Always on Liquid Lipsticks!!! I only have one shade currently but I'm dying to get more because the formula of this product is phenomenal. Again, the consistancy is a little more moussey than the typical liquid lipstick formula. But it doesn't dry out my lips and lasts ALL FREAKIN DAY LONG! Which is all I really ask for a liquid lipstick! I also need to give a round of applause to the applicator of this product. Unlike the typical doe-foot this liquid lipstick has an applicator that is shaped like a diamond and has a tiny hole in the middle. The shape makes applicatioin much easier and the concept of the design makes it so I don't have to keep dipping back into the tube, the dip in the center holds enough excess product. The shade Stepping Out has had me stepping out of my comfort zone (see what I did there? I'm so punny) finally wearing and loving cool tones and browns!

I discovered these two gems wayyyy back in the Spring time in a Sephora Favorites lip set and I've been obsessed ever since. Nar's Dolce Vita is the perfect sheer lipstick to throw on and go.  It gives such a subtle wash of color to the lips which is perfect for those no makeup makeup days. I ALWAYS keep this product in my purse. My tube is actually starting to run low, time to buy a backup! And as for the Marc Jacobs Prim Rose lip liner. This pinky nude liner applies like a creamy dream and matches perfectly with so many lipsticks in my collection (being the mauve/nude junkie I am...). Although, I love each of these products on their own, together they are a dynamic duo. My favorite way to wear these lippies is by filling in my lips with Prim Rose and applying Dolce Vita over top. It gives the perfect dimension between warm and cool tones.

The Bite Beauty Multi Sticks came into the beauty scene with a bang in the later half of 2016. This product was talked about more than almost any other cosmetic release of the year (with the exception of anything Kylie Cosmetics related and the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette!). With a huge range of colors, catering to every skin tone, these little sticks are marketed as a multi purpose product. They can be used to bronze or blush, depending on the color, apply as a cream eye shadow or wear as a lipstick. I've used them for all of these things and really enjoy their finish in every aspect. They do crease a bit when applied to the eyes, but simply setting with an eye shadow fixes the issue. Overall the Bite Beauty multi sticks have become a staple in my makeup collection and I LOVE them for travelling! No need to bring a giant palette! I especially adore the shade Gelato, it's the most unqiue cool tone purple/grey.

Anddd last, but very certainly not least, by any means, is the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Backtalk. This is my favorite lipstick of 2016 and currently my favorite lipstick OF ALL TIME. It's my go to lipstick for literally anyyyy look! The formula is among the "comfort mattes" of the Vice range and comfortable it is. Surprise surprise, it falls within the "mauve-nude" spectrum, which I almost always end up reaching for. But this particular shade has a little more purple/grey in it than anything else I have tried. It's such a unique color and such a great formula! But, as I mentioned above I did find a dupe! Colourpop's lippie stick in Lumiere is a dead match to Backtalk. There is a subtle difference in the formula (Backtalk is creamier) but overall the color itself is a dead match! So as much as I adore Backtalk, if you're looking for a much cheaper alternative hop on over to Colourpop's shop!

Whew, that was a LONG one! What were your favorite lip products from 2016? I'm always looking for new lippies to try!