New at the Drug Store: Wet n' Wild

Helloooo Loves!

I hope you all are having a great week! Today I want to continue with my next "new at the drugstore" post featuring Wet n' Wild. They recently released a TON of new products and of course, I just had to pick up a few things. (Okay..maybe a little more than a "few") Let's get into it!!

Photofocus Foundation

The claim to fame behind this $5.99 product is that it has been tested under 7 types of light, ensuring no flashback. Even  with this wonderful claim I still was unfortunately unimpressed with this foundation. As for the packaging, I feel like it looks really professional and high end for such an affordable option. My only complaint would be that it doesn't have a pump. MAJOR BUMMER!  The formula itself is really watery, which is actually very nice, because it allows for light to medium coverage, depending on how much you build it up. My main heat with this foundation is that it smells like paint and chemicals. As I apply it to my face I just immediately feel grossed out because of the smell!

Even as I did try to look past the smell I still struggled with the way the product sat on my skin. It broke up all around my forehead and cheeks each time I've worn it so far. I'm still going to play around with it and try to find a way to make it work, because so many bloggers/youtubers love it and it's only $5.99!! But so far I'm not super impressed. (If you guys have tried it let me know how you apply/tips and tricks. I really want to make this work!!)

Mega Cushion Hilight Illuminator and Soft Matte Lip Cream

Following suit with many other brands who have jumped on the cushion makeup trend, Wet n' Wild released several products in a their new Mega Cushion line. I picked up the highlight and one of their lip creams in the shade Melon it Like it is. The product formula is what really counts here, but does anyone else think this looks like kid's makeup? I know it's supposed to be cute but I honestly feel like this design just made their products look like they should be alongside Lip Smackers (no beef with lip smackers!).

But in terms of the actual products, I love the highlighter! If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a cushion product, this highlight is cream formula placed within a sponge like material within the container. Many people use their fingers or a beauty blender to apply products in this form and these type of products allow for really natural looks. This specific highlight is SO gorgeous. It has a slight pink reflect, but still looks really natural on the skin and gives the perfect "glow from within".  Also, I really want to try the bronzer  (I've heard GREAT things), but it looks so dark #palegirlprobs.

As for the lipstick...I have nothing good to say. I'm sorry Wet n Wild! I love you, but this lipstick has zero pigment and the ball shaped applicator makes it impossible to apply. Plus, what I expected to be a pretty rusty red is actually the most unflattering shade of orange. Sorry!!

Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks

And then, there are these liquid lipsticks. Folks, we no longer have to pay an arm and a leg to buy a liquid lipstick with great pigment and a long-lasting, comfortable formula. These new lipsticks are under $5 and are quickly gaining a spot on my favorites list. There are so many good things to say, where do I start!? The packaging is really durable and cute. I also LOVE the applicator! It looks like your typical doe-foot at first glance, but it has a slight dip in the middle, allowing it to hug the lip perfectly when applying product.

The shade range of these is also really nice. If you're into super unique shades you may be disappointed, but as for the trendy mauves, nudes and berries, there's a great range!  Finally, as I previously mentioned, the formula is fantastic and lasts forever on the lips. It's not too watery and also not too moussey. I think they did a great job finding the perfect in-between! Being 100% honest if I think about it, they can be slightly drying on the lips. But, not to the point where I can't handle wearing them for extended periods of time. Plus, if you exfoliate and apply balm regularly you shouldn't have an issue!

Gel Lip Liners

I just want to get my first thought out of the way and say these are the CREAMIEST lip liners I have ever used!! Wet n' Wild is ON POINT with their lip products lately (besides the cushion lippie...)! For just a few dollars you can pick up these incredibly comfortable, creamy and  long wearing  twist-up liners. My only complaint is that they're really hard to find in store, and there is only a few shades in the range! (Or at least that I can find!) I have the shades Never Petal Down, which is a nice muted pink shade and Plum Together, which is clearly a berry/plum tone. They both apply beautifully to the lips and match well with many colors in my collection.

Have you tried anything from Wet n' Wild's new releases? Let me know your thoughts!



P.S. I'm sorry about the lack of swatches :( If there's sunshine tomorrow I will try to add in some pics!!

New at the Drug Store: L'Oreal

Over the last couple months it seems the drugstore is having some sort of holiday or something! There have been so many new releases from so many of the best drug store brands and it's put a major strain on my wallet. Buttttt, the plus side is I get to share my thoughts on all the new products with you guys!

Infallible Lip Paints 

These lip paints grabbed my attention as soon as they released. Something about their packaging and overall display is just SO unique! Unfortunately I don't have as strong of a love for the product itself. They aren't bad, but I don't find myself reaching for them everyday. The first thing that surprised me about this product was the applicator. For some reasons I had a pre-assumption that it would be similar to the Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks (and a bunch of other bloggers/vloggers seemed to have the same thought!). This is not the case. The applicator is your basic doe foot with a slight dip in the center. It hugs the lip nicely and applies beautifully! It just was not what I expected.

As for the color range, it's BOMB! I really feel like this range can work for anyone of any skin tone or preference. There is everything from soft nudes to bright blues and purples. I picked up two shades from the range, Taupeless and Spicy Blush. (I love these names, just sayin!) Taupeless is a beautiful cool toned grey/purple. I absolutely love this shade! Spicy Blush is a muted pink that I think is really wearable for everyday.

Infallible Paints Eyeliner in Black Party

Ughhh, I was SO disappointed in this product. This isn't a "meh" product to me, this is just a straight up dislike. I was really excited to try this product for a few reasons. First, the shade range is gorgeous! I was SO drawn to the green/teal shades in the range and hoped to try them if the black was a hit. (Clearly it was not..) Second, the shape of this felt tip liner reminded me a lot of my beloved Stila stay all day. And third, it was kind of expensive for drug store. I may be cheap, but $10 for a drug store eyeliner is kind of a pocket full.

So let me get to the point and explain just why I don't like this. There is no pigment. None. Nada. Zero. Zip. As I first started to draw my wing I was pretty impressed, with the first (and only first) flick it applied a nice opaque, matte black color. But, as I continued to draw along my lid the pigment seemed to almost dry up. I couldn't even line both of my eyes one time with full opacity before the tip lost total pigment. It applied super patchy where I could apply the product and by the end I literally couldn't get any more product to come out. So yes, I paid $10 for one crappy application of eyeliner. Just one! I don't know if I got  a bad batch, but judging by the 2.5 rating on L'Oreal's website I'm guessing this product wasn't a hit with many.

L'Oreal Infallible total Coverage Foundatoin

I'm so sad that the majority of this post is so negative! I'm usually so positive on here,  but I want to be honest about my opinions on these new releases. Again, I did not like this foundation. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about it and from what I'm understanding those with oily skin LOVE this and those with dry HATE it. And unsurprisingly I fall into the combo/dry realm and really don't like this product either.

So starting off with coverage, that it does have! If you have oily skin and are looking for a super full coverage affordable option, this just may work for you. The formula of this foundation is super thick and almost pasty. When I swatched it on my hand it completely covered the lipstick swatch stains. Applying this product was a little bit of a struggle. I'm still not sure what the best way to apply it is, I tried a brush and a sponge. I just felt like it caked up so much so quickly and was very difficult to spread evenly across the skin.

When I finally got this product applied on my face I was not happy with the results. Keep in mind, I applied moisturizer and a priming moisturizer before the foundation. I also exfoliate regularly. But this product broke up on my face SO much and clung to all of my dry spots very visibly. On areas like my forehead and under eyes, where I'm actually more oily than dry, it still broke up drastically. I'm inserting a few photos below just to show how bad the results were.

Sorry to get sooo up close and personal!!! I just really wanted to show just how bad this foundation looked on my skin, because it was way to bad to describe. But do you see how bad it is under my eyes and on my forehead!? My chin was even WORSE.

Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender

This sponge is better than the Real Techniques ones, there I said it. I don't know exactly what it is about it, but it blends your foundation and concealers so seamlessly. One thing I really like about this sponge is that it doesn't have too large of pores, I feel like it's smooth texture allows for a super smooth application. The texture is slightly denser than the beauty blender when dry, but when dampened it transforms into a super "bouncy" sponge perfect for applying foundation! As far as the shape is concerned, I love how it has a flat bottom with rounded edges, I feel like it makes application so much quicker. I can cover my cheeks and forehead in seconds, but still reach into the crevices of my nose with the pointed tip.

Have you tried any of L'Oreal's new releases? What did you think? XX,