2016 Beauty Favorites: Face Products

Hey Loves,

So I feel like I owe you guys some sort of explanation. I know, I kind of dropped off the internet for the last couple weeks.  First of all, there's no need to worry! I am 100% healthy, my relationship is amazing, all my friends and family are in good health! The truth is over the last few weeks I just haven't been feeling myself. The semester ended,the holidays sprung into motion, (I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!) and in the aftermath, I have just been in a little bit of a funk. I've sat down to write this very post probably five times, but the creativity just didn't spark and I'd end up feeling down, giving up. So in this long break from Something Shannon I've been taking a lot of time to reflect, let out my frustrations and figure out what is really important to me in this life. As I'm working to make changes I'm beyond excited for the fresh start of the New Year. I know, it's so typical, new start new year! But it's come at the perfect time and I'm ready to really grasp my passions. To wrap up my thoughts I just want to say I really love blogging. Getting some time to myself to write posts, get creative with content, it gives me SO much joy! And so do you guys! Every comment I receive fills my heart with so much love. I'm not going away anytime soon and I can't wait for the opportunities 2017 will bring. In celebration of a new year and new beginning, let's get into part 1 of my favorite products of 2016!

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This last year my skin has started to shift from super oily-adolecent-acne prone to what most beauty fanatics like myself like to describe as "combination." (Basically this means I have a SUPER oily forehead, but my nose and cheeks are like a dessert.) When this started to happen I realized my old Neautrogena lotion I'd been using since middle school wasn't doing the trick. So I hopped on my trusty Sephora App and did some searching. Behold, I discovered the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (AKA my savior)! If you have dry patches, anywhere on your body, face, elbows, knees, feet, this will clear them up no questions asked.

(Alright, if you are a true makeup nerd like myself you see there's something missing here. Where's the primer fav?? I just don't have one guys. I know, I'm sorry! I just haven't found a primer that has me jumping for joy quite yet, so I didn't want to pick a mediocre one to share with you guys. Maybe next year!!)

I FINALLY FOUND A FOUNDATION THAT DOESN'T BREAK UP ON MY NOSE! Yes, that had to be in all caps because I am ridiculous and also quite happy to discover my holy grail foundation, finally. There are so many great things I can say about this product, which is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation by the way. First, it comes in so many shades. I love seeing brands that appeal to all colors of the spectrum from pale as a sheet of copy paper (ME)  to deep skin tones. Makeup Forever wins! Also, the formula itself is fantastic. With one layer of application I would describe it as natural-medium coverage (but can easily be built up), although it doesn't fully cover every flaw on the skin, it somehow manages to make them look radiant. I find myself reaching for this over anything else in my vanity on a daily basis, it's truly the best.

There's a reason I don't spend forty-freakin dollars on powder ladies and gents. The reason is because the drug store has phenomenal powder options! I had a hard time choosing my favorite for this category because I tried several great options all from the drug store this year, but in the end this one seems to be my most reached for. I just picked up a new one yesterday! There are so many pros about the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. A.) It's a pressed powder so it doesn't cover my leggings in white grime. B.) It's like three bucks. C.) It soaks up oil and doesn't make my skin look like chalk!!

2016 was the year of the highlight! This category was definitely the hardest to choose my favorites, there are SO many great highlighters on the market.  I've fallen for a ton of the typical bang, pow, blind you with my glow highlighters over the last year, including a few from the Becca line and the Anastasia glow kits! But there's three products that consistently end up back in my makeup bag. First up is the Essence Pure Nude highlighter, which may actually be my #1 favorite highlight of all time. In the pan it doesn't look like much, and even when swatched it looks pretty muted. But once applied to the face it gives the most gorgeous golden "glow from within" and applies beautifully on a large variety of skin tones. Plus it's under 5 bucks so ya can't beat it!

And then there's my favorite highlight duo. Colourpop has rocked the highlight game this last year with their cream finish products. I love tapping them onto cheek bones for a subtle glow, but I love pairing it with a powder even more. When I want my highlight to last all day and all night I reach for Colourpop's Lunch Money and Mac's Soft and Gentle. Paired together Lunch Money acts as a primer and Soft and Gentle adds the intense glow factor.

Blush *and bronzer* is what I meant to say! When I went to choose products for this category I pretty quickly picked my favorites and what do you know, they're all drug store! First up, Milani Luminoso. Need I say more? If you've been a regular around the beauty blogisphere for a while now, you know all there is to know about this radiant drug store blush. With it's baked formula it adds a beautiful luminosity to the skin with a soft peachy pink. Sometimes I throw this one without a highlight, yes I said it! No highlight needed!! Anddd if you've been here, on Something Shannon for some time, you know how darn much I love Wet n Wild's $2.99 coloricon blushes, specifically the shade Rose Champagne. I love this shade for my "au natural" days. It's muted nude tones, with a hint of shimmer give a natural flush to the skin without making me look like bozo the clown.

As for bronzer, Physican's Formula takes the cake. If you have fair to medium skin and have yet to try the Butter Bronzer grab your running shoes and get to your nearest drug store! With my skin being as fair as it is it's impossible to find a bronzer that doesn't either make me look orange or straight up dirty. That is, until I discovered this gem. Don't get me wrong, the Butter Bronzer does not lack pigment it is just SO darn bendable! It has the perfect amount of warm and cool tones creating, in my oh so humble opinion, the PERFECT bronzer! Oh and it smells like a fricken pina-colada. Takes me to the beach every time!

And last but very not least! Mac Fix+. Until this product I didn't believe in priming waters or sprays. The Smashbox one gave me major flashback and every other one had a weird scent or irritated my skin. But the reviews are true people. This stuff is bomb! I honestly 100% notice a HUGE difference in my makeup when I leave for the day with or without spritizing this all over my makeup before I go. It's amazing what a few sprays can do, my makeup lasts hours longer than it ever has before.

Well that's part one people! Two more to go! I'm going to try to get them all up the next couple days so I can move on to some new content beyond 2016. I have a lot of making up to do!