4 Reasons I love Colourpop + New Pressed Shadows Mini Review

Over the last few months one of my all time favorite beauty brands, Colourpop, has been dropping products on what seems to be a  weekly basis, and I have been GOING CRAZY. They recently released a whole new line featuring pressed powder products including a TON of gorgeous single shadows, a few palettes, and pressed blush/highlight/bronzer duos. So far I've ordered 6 shadows and cannot wait to get my hands on all the new items they have released since, but....my piggy bank is running low.

So, in the mean time I've been using the heck out of these shadows! The shades I picked up are: Wake up Call (tan matte), Let Me Explain (light shimmer), Stay Golden (red matte), Come and Get it (rosy-bronze shimmer), Paper Tiger (yellow matte), and Backseat (blue shimmer).

So far I think I prefer the matte formula over the shimmers, I want to pick up a few other shades before judging completely though! Wake up Call is my favorite of the bunch, it is by definition the PERFECT crease shade. I will, for sure, be picking up a back-up! I also love the uniqueness of Paper Tiger and although, Stay Golden can be intimidating (bright red, right on the eyes!), it blends out beautifully. One note about the formula, it is a little dry, which made me nervous when I first swatched them! I typically like a creamier formula (ie: Lorac), but these shadows pack tons of pigment and last all day on the lid (with a little primer). I can't wait to buy more!!

And for the Colourpop virgins out there, let me explain just why this brand is so incredible!

1.) Drugstore Price. High End Quality. 

That pretty much sums it up. Most products range from $5-$10, the only items that sit out of that range are either value sets or palettes (which makes sense)! And for the quality of the products themselves, the price is incredible. I would easily choose most of their products over expensive, higher end options any day.

2.) Their Lippie Stix

If you follow a few beauty accounts on social media chances are you've seen the signature white lippies in a photo or two, and for very good reason. The Lippie Stix are my personal favorite product from Colourpop, the gorgeous formula wears comfortably like a regular lipstick, but lasts all day long like a liquid lip. Plus, they have a TON of shades in their range! My personal favs are Lumiere and Brink!

3.) They are SO unique

I have yet to find any brand that even resembles Colourpop in terms of their fun style and unique product range. Both their lippie stix, and original formula of eyeshadows, highlighters and blushes, are so different than anything else on the market! Plus, everything from their social media accounts to their packaging is colorful and cute.

4.) They work with bloggers/youtubers

Being a blogger myself I have a special place in my heart for any brand that really makes an effort to work with and build realtionships with the people who review their products. Colourpop has done several awesome collabs with various bloggers/vloggers. I highly recommend checking out their product line with Kathleen Lights! (Lumiere is a lippie she created with them!)

What's your fav Colourpop product!? I will link my favorites below!



My Favorite Highlight: Lunch Money $8

My Favorite Lippie Stick: Lumiere $5

My Favorite Liquid Lipstick: Times Square $6

My Favorite Super Shock Shadow: LaLa $5 

My Favorite Pressed Shadow: Wake up Call $5

My Favorite Eyeliner: Mr. Bing $5