7 tips for early mornings

IMG_0771 It's Monday again, which means that the majority of the human population was groaning as they roll out of their beds to their alarms screaming this morning. It's hard to get up at 6 a.m. when you've been out all weekend, heck it's even hard to get up at 7 a.m. when you got 10 hours of sleep. So here's my list of tips to help you get out of bed, and out the door on mornings you would rather just keep hitting the "snooze button:"

1.) Don't hit snooze:

Call me crazy, but on mornings I know I will be waking up exhausted I sometimes even go as far as setting my alarm for 10 minutes earlier than normal. When we are tired we move slower, we spend more time on typically quick tasks, so give yourself a buffer. If you won't wake up earlier don't hit the snooze button, get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off! I don't mean hit the alarm and lay in bed half asleep for five minutes, get out of your bed!

2.) Shower:

I can't stress this tip enough! Showering in the morning allows you to refresh yourself and feel clean. If the hot water puts you to sleep turn down the temp a little or even blast yourself with a little cold water every few minutes.

3.) Exfoliate your face:

This kind of goes along with my last tip, but it's important enough for a tip of its own. If you decide not to shower at the very least wash your face and exfoliate it with a good natural scrub.

4.) Dress to impress:

It's human nature to throw on a pair of comfy sweats when you're tired, but the saying "look good feel good" actually does have some merit. Opt for a cute dress or sweater, if you still want that "comfy feel" choose leggings and a cardigan.

5.) Wake up make up:

The truth of the matter is if you look tired you will feel tired, so fix the problem. Conceal under your eyes and add a little extra with a pink lipstick.

6.) Hydrate yourself:

I understand the coffee addicts out there must have their coffee, I love it too! But on mornings I'm especially tired I choose more natural and hydrating beverages such as water or a veggie/fruit packed smoothie. If you must have your coffee make sure to grab a water bottle as well.

7.) Don't skip breakfast:

I get it. You're tired so you sleep in the extra 10 minutes that you typically save for breakfast. But don't do it! Food is fuel and fuel keeps you going! Make yourself some oatmeal, or a bowl of fruit, if you know you will have an early morning plan your breakfast ahead of time. Check out my Overnight Oats for a delicious and healthy meal plan.

How to you get out the door Monday morning?