Saving on Shoes

Sick days are never fun and unfortunately I have been having them a lot this year. I'm a pretty antsy person so sitting around watching movies all day doesn't exactly suit me. This means I typically end up trying to be productive, which ultimately fails and then I sulk in my bed and start my blog post with this little rant on how I hate being sick, with a passion. (I'm sorry about that!) In my attempt to be productive today I went through my closet, most specifically my shoe collection and it got me thinking about how I buy my shoes. You should know that when it comes to my wardrobe I am not a big spender (on single items that is). It's always been difficult for me to toss over a few twenties for a simple shirt I will most likely only wear three or four times. With that said, there is one exception: shoes.

Our feet are what keep us going and I think it's truly our duty to invest in quality protection for them (even though feet are gross and I hate them). So when I'm shopping for new shoes I tend to fork over the money, but even then I cringe at the $200 receipt in my hand. Luckily there is an easy way to save a little extra even when shopping higher end shoe brands: buy kid's shoes! If you have a shoe size over a size 9 this is where you stop reading, I am very sorry to have wasted your time up until this point! But anyone with a shoe size under a 9, you heard me right, buy kids shoes!

I did a little research and found some great examples of brands that sell children's shoes in sizes that are literally the same as women's, the brands I have listed are not by any means the only brands that sell kids shoes in adult sizes!  also you can find a conversion chart below!

Uggs: Easily one of the most expensive shoes in my closet, I was disappointed when I realized how much I could have saved when I bought my pair a few winters ago. Here are some comparisons I found...

Baily Button: Kids: $140 vs. Women's: $165 Total Savings: $25

Classic Short: Kids: $140 vs. Women's: $155 Total Savings: $15

Bailey Bow (Short): Kids: $160 vs. Women's: $205 Total Savings: $45

Keds: Although Keds do not run in the super pricey range, they are still a an adorable option worth savings on...

Champion originals: Kids $35 vs. Women's $45 Total Savings: $10

Sperry: Another pricier option I wouldn't be able to live without...

Classic Boat Shoe: Kids $60 vs. Women's: $90 Total Savings: $30

Hunter Boots: The kids version of the classic Hunter boot is shorter in height, but looks nearly identical and just as cute as the classic adult short rain boot version...

Women's Short Rain Boot: $140, Kids original Rain Boot: $80, Total Savings: $60

*Also if you have a Costo card they are currently selling (online and in some stores) the original  Tall Hunter Boots for $80! Get them before they are gone!

Other brand names to save on include: Nike, Target (many brands in store) and Steve Madden.


If you wear a size 6 in women's you should fit in a size 4 girls

If you wear a size 7 women's you should fit in a size 5 girls

If you wear a size 8 women's you should fit in a size 6 girls

If you wear a size 9 women's you should fit in a size 7 girls

*Half sizes match up as well, so if you are a 6 1/2 in women's you will be a 4 1/2 in girls

P.S. Pretty please check out my sweet friend Kyleigh's blog Ox Pond Prep, she featured me in her last post and her blog is adorable!




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